Outdoor Kitchens

Wood Decks Can Complement Any Home Style

The idea of an outdoor kitchen is becoming increasingly more popular. More homeowners are realizing that the indoor kitchen isn’t the only great place to cook. Texas is quite possibly the best state to incorporate an outdoor kitchen because we have a climate that allows us be outside year-round. Outdoor activities are just something we do; why not cook outdoors, too?

A patio or deck is great for an outdoor living space, but consider going a step further and building a new cooking area outdoors. I’m talking more than a grill on the deck. A fully functional outdoor kitchen means you won’t have to abandon your guests on the deck to go check on food cooking in the kitchen. Your outdoor kitchen can have all of the necessities that your indoor kitchen has, and you’ll be able to offer your guests more than food off the grill.

Ideas For Outdoor Kitchens

Revisit a Neglected Patio

Do you have a patio that doesn’t see nearly enough traffic? Let’s talk true outdoor living at its finest; build a custom outdoor kitchen on that poor, neglected patio. Rejuvenate that space you once loved and fully intended to use and properly maintain.

Delegate a Portion of Your Deck

You likely already have a grill, a table, and some seating on the deck. Consider adding cabinets, a food preparation area, sink, oven, and maybe even a mini bar. Host any type of event you’d normally host indoors, outside instead.

Create Your Own Private Getaway

Sometimes life just gets hectic and we need a change from the ordinary. Create your own private getaway in your back yard. Choose a spot in your back yard that doesn’t receive a lot of attention. Consider building half-walls, a privacy fence, or even plants for a more natural privacy barrier. Use a theme you enjoy; for example Hawaiian Vacation theme would use palm trees and tiki statues as decoration with an open fire pit. Get creative!

Incorporate Relaxation into Your Design

Embellish your kitchen with a nice patio cover, or pergola. A wet bar with a spa nearby would help complete the overall goal of creating a space that is uniquely yours. Built-in seating or a bar extension to the counter tops with a nice set of barstools would give your outdoor space a comfortable yet sophisticated look

The Choice is Yours!

Whatever you choose to do, Texas Decks is here to help. I’ll combine your ideas with my construction expertise to create the perfect outdoor kitchen for you. If the area where you want your outdoor kitchen seems problematic to you please call me as I enjoy a challenge, I look forward to discussing your outdoor kitchen plans with you.

You’ll receive fully personalized service the entire time we work together on your project. As small business owner, I’ve found through the years that keeping the layers of communication simple works best for me and my clients.

Ready to Learn More?

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